It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you'll do things differently
Warren Edward Buffett
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Reputation for person

Our company is engaged in management of reputation of persons and PR.

We are well aware of the vulnerability of individuals to ill-wishers or negative circumstances when such information enters the Internet.

Anonymity of messages and impunity of actions discrediting honor allow "malefactors" to easily publish slander and other negative messages which can seriously harm career, financial prospects, to cause image and moral damage to the person.

Reputation for companies

The presence of the Brand on the Internet is a necessary condition for successful business, as it is online consumers collect information about the necessary goods or services.

In this case, it is the company's reputation on the Internet that is fundamental.

Reviews, evaluation of the quality of goods and services, convenience and informative corporate website, competent advertising and promotions – not a complete list of elements that form a positive or, conversely, a negative perception of the brand in the eyes of the target audience.

Reputation for goverment

Citizens tend not to trust officials. Let's make sure that the discontent does not pour out in social networks and forums.

We will help the state and citizens to understand each other.

Search engine analytics & monitoring

Social media, the Internet today are an invaluable source of information for the analysis of people's opinions on completely different issues.

Such analysis is especially relevant for companies engaged in the production and/or sale of certain goods and services.

SMM analytics & monitoring

With the help of social media analysis, we will help to assess consumer loyalty to the brand, consumer attitude to goods and services, to conduct competitive analysis, to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the company, as well as to conduct other studies that will help to solve the tasks facing you.

A professional team of specialists with many years of experience and certified by the leading monitoring systems is working on the research.

Crowd marketing

ACrowd marketing is a thorough analysis of the target audience for any marketing object, positioned in social networks, blogs, forums of a certain subject, as well as in questionnaires and response services. That is, it is work to promote a product or service in a variety of Internet communities.

About Us
A company with many years of
experience in reputation
Successful experience in
working with major brands
An individual comprehensive
approach to work on a brand

Sidorin Lab is an Internet agency with headquarters in Moscow and a development and engineering implementation office in the science town of Dubna. At the end of 2016, the Company’s staff size was over 80 employees.

The main areas of the Company’s activities are comprehensive Internet marketing, reputation management, political PR, SEO, SMM, development, and promotion.

Co-founder of the company
Dmitry Sidorin
Co-founder of the company
Nikita Prokhorov
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